Paco's a fun place to eat in Perth

If you happen to be looking for a good place to eat in Perth and fancy an American-style diner, then head into Paco’s in the centre of town.

The first thing that hits you about the place is the size. Clearly you have to have a good reputation and solid repeat business to fill a restaurant of this size.

Paco’s is decorated in typical diner style, with an eclectic mix of old posters, photos and bric-a-brack on the walls. There is a theme of family photographs depicting the life and times of Paco’s family, which underlines the ‘family diner’ theme in the same way as Frankie & Benny’s. But, whereas I can never make out if there was a Frankie or a Benny, there definitely is a Paco and these are his family.

Steaks come highly recommended and, of course, the Scotch Beef is excellent. But there are the other usual diner favourites. Mexican fare including fajitas, pizzas and burgers.

The burgers were voted good on our most recent visit. Possibly a bit too compressed (a common complaint about British burgers) but otherwise great. The pizzas were very good too. Nice thin base which would have been even better if the firing had been that much hotter to make that really elusive crispy shell but slight doughy interior – not easy to achieve on a thin crust pizza, but just great when it is done well.

The icing on the cake was the fact that they have Krusovice beer, which is not easy to find in the UK. But this wonderful malty, hoppy beer is a joy to savour.

We were just too tempted by the ice-cream sundaes and banana splits.

The bill seemed quite reasonable at just a whisker under £80 for four main course and sweet, complete with beers and wine.

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