How safe is your eatery?

OK, you like the look of the place. The menu posted at the door looks good. But will the food be good? More importantly, is the food hygiene up to standard?

Recognising that people want reassurance about the food standards, some restaurants have open kitchens that you can see how your food is prepared. But, in many others, you have no idea.

In Greece you are often invited into the kitchen before you sit down at the table. It’s a chance to see if the kitchen looks clean and try to get an idea of the standards operated in the restaurant.

A restaurant may look attractive, but are the food hygiene standards up to scratch?

Now, it is easy to find how a restaurant, take-away or other food service rates on its food hygiene. In Scotland we currently have a “pass” or “fail”, but in England you will find a score of one to five.

You can search by business name, address or postcode. The URL to bookmark is

Or, if you have an iPhone, or iPad, check out the hygiene standards of the eatery you are thinking of trying by downloading the Food Hygiene app.
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