1950s America comes to Aberdeen

Having driven Route 66 I have a thing for American Diners. They are evocative of the era of big American cars with equally big V8 engines, Rock ’n’ Roll and jukeboxes.

Even if you are too young to have actually experienced any of these in their heyday, the era of red Formica and polished chrome has its own charm.

Ed's Easy Diner

Started in London’s Soho in 1987, Ed’s Easy Diner is a rapidly expanding chain inspired by 1950’s America.

There are 12 different styles of hamburger – including pulled pork and two veggie options – various chicken dishes and five hot dogs. Also on the menu are pulled-pork subs, chicken and bacon BBQ and chilli.

Adding to the choice are an almost bewildering choice of fries (well you can’t call them chips at an American-style diner, can you?).

The chain also has a social conscience. Ed’s Easy Diner works with employment charity Springboard and the company aims to support local communities by offering career opportunities to people who are currently unemployed.

Another charitable touch is that the money from the mini jukeboxes all goes to charity.

The new Aberdeen diner is in the Bon Accord Centre on the mezzanine level just above the main entrance.

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