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The great thing about blogs is the way that people contribute to the discussion. I’m grateful to our Twitter followers for pointing out that we missed some good options in our non-alcoholic beers blog.

BrewDog Nanny State non-acohol beer

One was Brew Dog’s Nanny State, the other was Bavaria 0.0% Wit.

Of course I am familiar with the offerings of our local Aberdeenshire brewery BrewDog. (Their marketing and PR efforts are such that you would have to not surf the web, read the papers, or inhabit the off-licence section of stores not to be familiar with them.)

But, although I had heard of Nanny State, I was not aware that it was non-alcoholic!

So, in the interests of righting the wrong and publicising the products of our own local company, I have now enjoyed my first Nanny State.

It is a dark, slightly bitter beer, full of hoppy fruit flavours. You could legitimately accuse many non-alcoholic beers of lacking flavour. But that is a criticism you could never apply to Nanny State!

Bavaria make two non-alcoholic beers, Bavaria 0.0% Beer and Bavaria Wit 0.0% Beer. It was the latter that was recommended and, since I am rather partial to a wheat beer, that is the one I went for.

Despite the Bavaria name it is from the Netherlands, not Germany. Based in Lieshout, Bavaria is the second larger brewery in the Netherlands, founded in 1680.

From the name you will guess that Bavaria is classified as zero alcohol, whereas the other non-alcoholic beers here are officially rated as less than 0.5% alcohol.

I remember asking a representative of Clausthaler if less than 0.5% really could be classified as ‘non-alcoholic’. His straight-faced response was that “you would drown before you got drunk”!

The Bavaria 0.0% Wit Beer is a great recommendation. It has a great hoppy wheat beer flavour with a really refreshing taste – ideal for a summer afternoon, or evening.

In fact, where many non-alcoholic beers are something you would drink as a compromise, Bavaria 0.0% Wit Beer is something I will now happily enjoy as a matter of choice and variety. So good is it, that I have already ordered 12 bottles to go in the fridge. And you don’t have to search too far to find it. Tesco stock both 0.0% Bavaria beers and their alcoholic counterpart.

Both BrewDog Nanny State and Bavaria 0.0% Wit Beer prove that you don’t need to sacrifice flavour when you choose a non-alcoholic beer. And both come without that odd aftertaste that afflicts some non-alcoholic brews.

Great news for drivers and for those who want to follow the recommendations of at least one alcohol-free day per week.

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