The worth of a good butcher

Some years ago our shopping patterns changed. Like so many people we had become lazy and it was easy just to succumb to the charm of the big supermarkets. That included buying meat either from the supermarket, or from the Costco warehouse at Westhill.

Then a new butcher took over our village shop. We decided to try it and we have never looked back.

We now go to J & G Dossett in Kintore, but I am sure you have a good butcher near wherever you live.

We now wonder why on earth we bought meat at a superarket or warehouse. A good butcher will buy the best of local produce and will mature it and cut it to order. Yes, the meat may not have that overly bright red colour of meat on a supermarket shelf, but it will probably taste all the better for being matured properly before being put on display.

Oh the joy of properly matured meat, plus bacon and ham not pumped full of water to increase its weight.

It’s not just fresh and cooked meat, most butchers will offer prepared meals and cooked meals.

On which subject, congratulations to J & G Dossett for winning the North of Scotland Championship for Traditional Steak Pies.

By using local shops like your local butcher, baker, greengrocer or delicatessen, you are supporting your local economy. The money you spend stays in the local economy. The butcher will buy from local farmers which helps our local economy.

So you can polish your halo at the same time as supporting local businesses!

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