The quest for a good burger

What is it about British burgers? Too often they are highly compressed to the point where they are more like re-constituted meat (turkey twizzler anyone?) than actual minced beef formed into a patty.

Our native Californian has turned her nose up at almost every burger she has tasted in the UK. But, finally, one has got the thumbs up.

Step forward the Handmade Burger Co, who have just opened a restaurant in Aberdeen’s Union Square.

The formula is simple. You go in and get seated, choose your burger from the menu and go to the counter to place your order. You also pay for it.

Now that goes a little against the grain in a culture where you don’t normally pay until you have eaten and been satisfied with what you have been served. However, it does mean you don’t have the problem of getting your bill, then getting someone to process your credit card!

There are five locations at the moment – Birmingham, Solihull, Leicester, Meadowhall and Aberdeen – and the company’s website says the meat comes from “traditionally reared, grass fed, 100% traceable prime beef”.

And we didn’t see a burger press anywhere!
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