Back to our home food

We love the States. But, in food terms, it is something of a relief to be home to our usual diet.

So much of what you get pushed at you in the USA is fast-food, most of it (for speed) being fried.

But even something relatively healthy like a pizza is notably different in America.

I admit that I used to be that person who would say “extra mozzarella” if it was offered. But, for the past decade or more, I have been gradually appreciating that the joy of a pizza is to have toppings that complement the (hopefully) high quality of the dough.

We had pizzas a few times on this trip to the States and both of us found it rather a disappointing experience. “Extra mozzarella” seems to be the norm, not an option.

Give us a lighter, healthier, tastier, lower-fat, less cheese pizza any day!
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