One handed eating signals social change

The news from Debenhams that 32% of customers are buying fewer knives than forks might seem a less than interesting statistic. But, behind it lies significant social change.


Debenhams suggest it is all about etiquette. I think it is a lot more significant than that.

It’s an indication of how seldom the average modern British family actually sit down at the dining table for a meal together.

You may still be puzzled as to why that is significant.

Its significance is surely the fact that family meal times are when the generations get together and spend quality time. It’s when you find out what everyone is up to. When you get time to discuss your lives together.

It’s not hard to imagine how disfunctional families happen, when they meet fleetingly while grabbing something out of the microwave to pick over while watching the telly or playing on the computer. Or when they pass as they leave to go to different fast food take-aways.

Do your family a favour and make it a rule that you all sit together for a meal (without the telly on), if not seven days a week, at least once a week.
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