Yatai restaurant moves

Yatai Japanese restaurant has moved from its small premises in Skene Street Aberdeen to become the flagship restaurant of the Bauhaus Hotel in Justice Mill Lane, just off Aberdeen’s Union Street.

The new location is not far from the first Japanese restaurant I can remember in Aberdeen, in Bon Accord Crescent. I think it was called Osaka, can anyone remember if that is right?

I do remember it was quite a favourite at the time. You sat at the rice tables and the cook would do all the theatricals while cooking your meal in the centre of the table.

When it closed the premises became a Thai Restaurant named Sawadee. It was very good, but I still missed the fun of watching the Japanese chefs cooking the food right in front of you on the rice tables.

Sadly both Osaka (if that was its name) and Sawadee are history.
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