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I am not a fan of the current trend towards oversized portions in our restaurants. As one generation removed from those who lived through the war, I’ve was brought up with the adage “waste not want not” ringing in my ears. So, it grieves me to see vast quantities of food going to waste. Or could that be waist?

However, I am not keen on the idea of government imposing portion limits as a way to reduce obesity, as seems to be suggested by recent Scottish Government pronouncements.

dinner table

A good meal should be about quality, atmosphere and good company, not about a mountain of food being thrown away at the end!

I am all in favour of society, including government, encouraging more sensible servings in our restaurants. But I don’t believe that legislation is the way to go. We already have too many laws.

We need to encourage restaurant owners that we shouldn’t slavishly follow the practice in the USA, where no normal mortal could ever eat the mountain of food that is piled on your plate.

As I said in a previous post, quantity is no substitute for quality.

Let’s make it clear to restaurateurs that we don’t want heaps of food left on our plates at the end of a meal. Let them know you are seeking quality (not quantity) as a sign of good value. And let’s vote with our feet and patronise restaurants that are sensible about the size of the portions they serve to reduce the appalling waste of food.

Much better that this change should be driven by a change in our attitude, rather than by the heavy hand of legislation.
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