It's good to back from the USA

I’m not sure if my palate is just getting jaded when it comes to food in the USA, or whether it is really becoming more and more uniform – just like the restaurants.

It really is unsettling and somewhat spooky, to find that the Cracker Barrels you visit in Indianapolis, Alabama and Florida are so identical you find yourself slipping into “deja vu” moments. You begin to wonder if you accidentally slipped the car into reverse and returned to the previous Cracker Barrel by mistake.

I remember similar moments with the Outback Steakhouse chain on previous trips. As your mind slips into a momentary millisecond of reverie, you come back to reality wondering if you are sitting in Texas, Illinois or Florida. The layout is the same, the decor is the same and the food appears to be identical.

Domenica Restauraunt
Salumi and Formaggi at Domenica

What hasn’t changed are the same outlandish portions that only the more voracious mortal can eat. For most of the rest of us it is just a waste of food and that seems just plain wrong.

And, talking of waste, I just cannot get over the amount of disposable paper cups, plates and napkins that get thrown away. I found myself craving linen napkins and real cutlery.

There are some honourable exceptions, of course. Little oases where food lovers can truly enjoy a unique dining experience.

One such was Domenica Restaurant in New Orleans. A modern bustling restaurant that served food with an Italian flavour in stylish, noisy and atmospheric surroundings.

There was a real sense of occasion and a little bit of theatre in the Salumi a sampler Salumi and Formaggi a sampler of cheeses, fruit marmalade and tastes of cold meat, served with square pillow-shaped bread rolls.

Now that would be nice to see on menus here!
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