Anyone do hot stone cooking?

‘Ste’ has been in touch hoping someone can guide him to find his favourite type of restaurant in Aberdeen.

He writes: “Hello all. I'm new in Aberdeen and looking for a restaurant that serves steak on a hot stone. I've seen this served in a restaurant in Leeds. It's a un-cooked steak served on a hot stone and you cook it yourself to your own liking. It was the best steak I've ever tasted.....

“Please someone tell me somewhere in Aberdeen is doing this too.”

My introduction to this type of cooking was in Angers in France many years ago. It was, I think, called Pierrade cooking and this restaurant gave you steak and seafood to cook on your hot stone.

Can anyone give ‘Set’ some hope? Is there a restaurant that does that here in the Aberdeen area.

If not, is it a business idea?
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