Meldrum House impresses

I was at a dinner in the Meldrum House last night and, having not been there for two years, I left very impressed.

Meldrum House

There has clearly been quite a bit of money spent on the house, the grounds and the golf course. The result is impressive.

But the impressions go deeper than the new glass doors and the new decor.

The food and the service were excellent.

Now – before we have any misunderstandings – this is food to savour and enjoy. Interesting combinations of fine flavours. Meldrum House is not the place to go if you simply want to stuff your face.

The portions are very tasteful and – to my mind – sensible. But if you believe that value=volume, then turn around before you even head up the long and stately driveway.

On the other hand, if you like the idea of meeting for pre-dinner drinks, in the vaulted-stone bar. Lingering over the descriptions of the food, while conversing with your friends, then being led to your dining table for a meal to remember... well, Meldrum House will probably go on your list of places to dine out.
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