Ed's Easy Diner closes in Aberdeen

Ed’s Easy Diner in Aberdeen’s Bon Accord Shopping Centre is closing, along with others in Edinburgh, Inverness and Livingston. Read More...

Cove community's cheeky café name

Well done Cove community for coming up with a great name for your community café. Read More...

Beetroot Restaurants close doors

Hard on the heels of The Albyn going into administration, comes news that Aberdeen is to lose two well-known restaurants – the Adelphi Kitchen and Cue (formerly The Courtyard). Read More...

Thai restaurant opens in 'Monkey House'

For generations of Aberdonians the weekend call went out ‘meet you at the Monkey House’. The ‘Monkey House’ is the former bank on the corner of Union Street and Union Terrace in Aberdeen.

Chaophraya Restaurant Aberdeen

Favourite Aberdeenshire stop changes

Over more than 12 years Gadie’s and its associated business Touched by Scotland became a favoured stopping off point in Oyne, Aberdeenshire, just a short distance off the A96 Aberdeen to Inverness road.

Lil' C's Bar-B-Q Aberdeenshire

The worth of a good butcher

Some years ago our shopping patterns changed. Like so many people we had become lazy and it was easy just to succumb to the charm of the big supermarkets. Read More...

Europe wastes 123kg of food per person

Consumer food waste in the EU totals a staggering 123 kg (271 lb) per person per year, according to the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. The report by the centre’s scientists goes on to say that 80% of that waste is avoidable.

Food waste

Coast to Coast diner launches in Aberdeen

Coast to Coast, in Aberdeen’s Union Square, is the 15th diner in the new UK chain set up by the people who brought you The Filling Sation. In terms of style, It clearly follows a similar style to the Hard Rock Cafe.

Coast to Coast Aberdeen

Non-alcoholic beers, other options

The great thing about blogs is the way that people contribute to the discussion. I’m grateful to @TunaStubbs on Twitter for pointing out that I missed a very important option in my non-alcoholic beers blog.

BrewDog Nanny State non-acohol beer

Maggie's Grill brings Deep South to North

There’s a huge interest in Soul Food from America’s Deep South. Recently on our TV screens we have seen programmes focussing on food from the region, with the Hairy Bikers and more recently Reginald D Hunter.

The flavour of New Orleans

Tighter laws and health drive non-alcoholic beer interest

The recent reduction in alcohol limits for drivers in Scotland and health advice that we should all aim to have at least one alcohol-free day each week, have fuelled renewed interest in non-alcoholic beers.

Erdinber Alkoholfrei

1950s America comes to Aberdeen

Having driven Route 66 I have a thing for American Diners. They are evocative of the era of big American cars with equally big V8 engines, Rock ’n’ Roll and jukeboxes.

Ed's Easy Diner

Great Indian food and service off the beaten track

A tiny village on a quiet country road outside Inverurie is not the obvious place to look for a good Indian restaurant. But for those who do take the trouble to search it out, you will find a hidden gem.

Boars Head Kinmuck

Jamie's Italian – a chain that impresses

I’ll let you into a secret. I dread the day that Scotland becomes like the USA with restaurant chains offering the same experience in every place you visit. Read More...

Two celebrity restaurants on the way

Suddenly Aberdeen seems to be the place to be for celebrity restaurants. Read More...

How safe is your eatery?

OK, you like the look of the place. The menu posted at the door looks good. But will the food be good? More importantly, is the food hygiene up to standard.

restaurant

An Aberdeen favourite, Yatai returns

Yatai restaurant is back! That’s the news broken by stv.news today and there will be rejoicing from many of the Japanese restaurants fans. Read More...

It's good to back from the USA

I’m not sure if my palate is just getting jaded when it comes to food in the USA, or whether it is really becoming more and more uniform – just like the restaurants. Read More...

Aberdeen, a year-round destination

As a global centre for the oil and gas industry, Aberdeen is often seen more as a business than a leisure destination. But, the truth is that the Granite City is great for both. Read More...

One of Aberdeen's favourites gone?

News that a new Indian restaurant, on the site of La Bamba, is to be given permission to have male strippers to entertain hen parties, brings to our attention that one of Aberdeen’s enduring favourites has disappeared. Read More...

Outdoor café culture for Aberdeen?

One of the joys of visiting European cities is the ability to sit out and enjoy watching life go by as you sup a coffee, or a beer at a street café. Even in winter it can be an enjoyable break.

Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 17.06.02

Anyone do hot stone cooking?

‘Ste’ has been in touch hoping someone can guide him to find his favourite type of restaurant in Aberdeen. Read More...

First time for Fusion

How long have I lived in Aberdeen? How long has Fusion been open? Why did it take someone from near London to introduce me? Read More...

Silver Darling remains a spectacular dining spot

Very enjoyable lunch today in the Silver Darling. This remains one of the most interesting places in Aberdeen to eat as you can watch the ships coming and going past, thanks to the full height glass all round the restaurant.

Aberdeen Harbour

La Bamba goes into liquidation

Sad to read in today’s Press and Journal that La Bamba, the Aberdeen Mexican restaurant, has gone into liquidation.

Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 11.34.49

Are you a talented home cook with an amazing historic family recipe?

If so, ITV’s favourite Celebrity Chef Gino D’Acampo wants to hear from YOU!

Gino d'Acampo

Yatai Japanese restaurant closes

The Japanese restaurant Yatai closed its doors on Christmas Eve. Read More...

Popular West End restaurant closes

Popular Aberdeen West End restaurant, the Olive Tree and its associated bistro, The Black Olive, have both closed. Read More...

TV opportunity for Aberdeen food groups

Her’s a great opportunity for any community groups that organise events in Aberdeen that revolve around food.

TV camera lens

Own-goal over evening parking?

There is growing storm over Aberdeen City Council’s latest revenue-raising idea – levying an overnight parking charge on anyone who parks beyond 8pm in one of their car parks.

But, it is the fact that this overnight charge has to be paid on top of any time paid to cover the period before 8pm that has caused confusion, a flurry of parking tickets and unsurprising fury.


Remember Pappy Yokums?

The other day as I was enjoying a particularly good burger, I had a flashback to Pappy Yokums the American diner that used to be in Rose Street.

American flag

Mini Ninjas Wanted as YO! Sushi Teach Kids To Make Sushi

YO! Sushi has turned its expertise to teaching the art of sushi making to young children. Sushi- loving parents can now take their brood along to a participating restaurant on selected dates throughout August.

suchi making

Good pizzas at Ask

Dropped in to Ask – the Italian restaurant in Union Square, Aberdeen – having been told they make the best pizzas.

Union Square

Meldrum House impresses

I was at a dinner in the Meldrum House Hotel last night and, having not been there for two years, I left very impressed.

Meldrum House

Gordon Ramsay search for best restaurants

Gordon Ramsay is looking for Britain’s best restaurant and he wants to know where you love to eat. It would be good to have restaurants in the Aberdeen area featured, so have a think.

Gordon Ramsay

Super-size us

I am not a fan of the current trend towards oversized portions in our restaurants. As one generation removed from those who lived through the war, I’ve was brought up with the adage “waste not want not” ringing in my ears. So, it grieves me to see vast quantities of food going to waste. Or could that be waist?

dinner table

Chilli? Try a drop of coffee and chocolate!

There was a time when chilli con carne would have been looked at askance here in the North East of Scotland. “Fit’s ‘at mince deein’ wi ‘at beans in it?” You can just about hear it! Read More...

The quest for a good burger

What is it about British burgers? Too often they are highly compressed to the point where they are more like re-constituted meat (turkey twizzler anyone?) than actual minced beef formed into a patty. Read More...

Time for free broadband?

In this digital age it amazes me how few restaurants and hotels realise that offering free wireless broadband to their customers would be a real incentive for us to choose their premises in preference to the cafe/restaurant/hotel next door.

laptop

Yatai restaurant moves

Yatai Japanese restaurant has moved from its small premises in Skene Street Aberdeen to become the flagship restaurant of the Bauhaus Hotel in Justice Mill Lane, just off Aberdeen’s Union Street. Read More...

Quantity and quality are not the same

Sadly there seems to be a considerable number of restaurants in the UK that seem to think the way to a diner’s heart is to pile the plat high with mountains of food.

But we have our pizza horrors here

But before I get accused of being too sanctimonious about our healthier pizzas here, there was one horror story that is worse than any American pizza... and it was here in Scotland. Read More...

Back to our home food

We love the States. But, in food terms, it is something of a relief to be home to our usual diet. Read More...

Two nations divided by restaurant etiquette

I am currently in the USA and having to remember my US etiquette. There are a number of things that are different on this side of the atlantic that can surprise a British diner. Read More...

Who would be a restaurateur?

Who would be a restaurateur? Everyone has very definite views on what they like and don’t like and pleasing all has to be nigh impossible. Then you have the night of horrors where everything goes wrong. Read More...

One handed eating signals social change

The news from Debenhams that 32% of customers are buying fewer knives than forks might seem a less than interesting statistic. But, behind it lies significant social change. Read More...

F Word Best Local Restaurant still open

The date for nominations in The F Word’s Best Local Restaurant search has been extended to Sunday, July 26. Read More...

Lahore fizzes with flavour

It was an Indian acquaintance who recommended that we try Lahore in King Street, Aberdeen. It was, she said, the best in Aberdeen. Read More...

Nominate your favourite restaurant for national award

Gordon Ramsay’s food magazine show The F Word is coming back and they're on the hunt for The F Word’s Best Local Restaurant. Read More...

Kintore publishes a cookbook

The Royal Burgh of Kintore, a fast-growing town just 12 miles from Aberdeenshire, has produced a fundraising cookbook. Read More...

Need an authentic shake?

If you are a fan of milk shakes but feel short-changed with what you get offered, then this may be the answer. Read More...

Great pizzas up north

A friend of mine swears this is THE place to go for pizza. It’s not in Aberdeen, but if you are travelling up north of Inverness to the Black Isle he says you should point your car at Cromarty. Read More...

Where can I get Krusovice?

After the visit to Paco’s in Perth, I am not on a mission to find where I can buy Krusovice beer in the UK. Read More...

Paco's a fun place to eat in Perth

If you happen to be looking for a good place to eat in Perth and fancy an American-style diner, then head into Paco’s in the centre of town. Read More...

Brewdog sales up 450%

Great to see it reported today in The Scotsman that Brewdog – the Fraserburgh-based micro-brewery has seen a 450% increase in sales. Read More...
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