But we have our pizza horrors here

But before I get accused of being too sanctimonious about our healthier pizzas here, there was one horror story that is worse than any American pizza... and it was here in Scotland.

Some years ago I was down in Edinburgh at a business meeting. Returning home I was feeling hungry and decided to head into Forfar in search of something.

Right in the centre of town, I found this chip shop. I must have been feeling guilty about my recent eating habits because my eye lit on pizza as a healthier option than chips. Even more impressive I was clearly wanting to polish my halo and requested a half pizza from the man behind the counter.

I was feeling all smug and self-righteous when I placed my order and stood back to await my half pizza. I still remember the shock when the man opened the pack, cut the pizza in half and dropped it into the deep fat fryer! So shocked, in fact, that I just stood there with my jaw somewhere around my chest!

So much for my healthier option!
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