Quantity and quality are not the same

Sadly there seems to be a considerable number of restaurants in the UK that seem to think the way to a diner’s heart is to pile the plat high with mountains of food. It seems we are following the American model.

Indeed it may be the way to a diner’s heart, but in a bad way, not a good way!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who hates to see the waste of food when I send a plate back half eaten. In a world where we are learning not to squander precious resources, that should – most assuredly – apply to food. All food has to be grown or produced using scarce resources.

Restaurateurs tempted to try to win customers by throwing food at them (metaphorically, not literally, one hopes!) should remember that the way to make people really enjoy something is to leave them satisfied, but still wanting more.

Sadly, even on AberdeenDining.co.uk you see that some consumers seem to be in search of quantity not quality.

There have been posts about one of Aberdeen’s most celebrated restaurants where the reviewer says they were so hungry when they left that they stopped and had a second meal!

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