One of Aberdeen's favourites gone?

News that a new Indian restaurant, on the site of La Bamba, is to be given permission to have male strippers to entertain hen parties, brings to our attention that one of Aberdeen’s enduring favourites has disappeared.

In the first few years of this website, La Bamba consistently topped the polls as the most popular restaurant. It was Tex Mex food at its best, with good quality ingredients and a fun, party atmosphere.

Sadly it was receiving, at best, lukewarm reviews latterly.

Now it has apparently vanished without trace (the website says it is “under development”), where will aficionados of Mexican food (myself included) go?

Yes, I know there is Chiquitos at the beach. But, while that is enjoyable and the food pretty good, it is a chain and just doesn’t have the atmosphere or quite the same quality as La Bamba in its heyday.

A gap in the market? Can anyone step in to fill it?
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